Sounding Off

A friend of mine posted aspirations for 2012 and I felt that I should do the same. Not necessarily as a resolution, because resolutions have become kitschy. But as a reminder of that new feeling that you have when the new year rolls around again. Truth be told, i’m already several years in the making towards my aspirations for this year. I’m in the process of writing and recording songs at a hurried pace, which is my usual pace of working, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I naturally have played drums all my life but I have been working hard at regaining my chops with guitar, piano, and especially singing and songwriting. Having been in and around bands, having a studio and nothing but time on my side, and I find my new situation humbling. I have a small workable set-up to record, and plenty of life lessons to pull from to accomplish the goals I have now, and again, I couldn’t be happier. More importantly, I feel like I have a purpose. I don’t want to write music for metal kids in clubs, or for radio, but for the guy mowing his lawn, or for the hoards of thirty somethings out there that don’t fit into skinny jeans and aren’t hip enough to live on the coasts. I just want to write music that is based more on my likes and preferences, which have all but outgrown the clubs and decibels that I soaked up in my youth. So check out the songs I have posted up in the past week on my Soundcloud page and let me know your thoughts.

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